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Couples and families
Marriage and civil union (2016)
Justice, mental desorder and assessment
Filiation (2nd quarter 2013)
De Facto Spouses
Separation, Divorce and Dissolving a Civil Union (2015)
Family Patrimony (2nd quarter, 2011)
Officiants (2018)
Family Mediation (2017)
The Québec Model for the Determination of child Supports Payments (2018)
Application for exemption under section 3 of the Act to facilitate the payment of support (January 2007)
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International Child Abduction (2nd quarter 2002)
Free Parenting After Separation Information Session (2017)
Papillon SARPA-SAH (2021) - EN
Helping families through Legal Aid - SARPA
Free Parenting After Separation Information Session - Small card (2014)
Free Parenting After Separation Information Session - Small poster (2014)
Your disputes
Civil Suits (2015)
Mediation and Small Claims Division (2017)
Being a Good Neighbour 2019
Mediation in civil and commercial (2016)
Court of Appeal of Québec:Judicial Mediation Service (1st quarter 2009)
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Your money and your possessions
Power of attorney (2016)
Wills (2015)
Seizure (2018)
Liquidator of a succession
Terminating a residential lease in the event of spousal violence or sexual aggression (2016)
CAVAC - Support, Help and Ressources (leaflet, 2nd quarter 2012)
Men can also be victims of sexual abuse
In French
CAVAC - The reactions and the consequences of victimisation (2012)
Victims of crime - Extrajudicial sanctions and criminal proceeding - Youth offenders
SOS Conjugal Violence - 2020 Bookmark
SOS Conjugal Violence - 2020 Leaflet
Judicial system
Jury Duty (2013)
Statement of Principle regarding Witnesses (1st quarter 2001)
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The Court System (2017)
Testifying in court Criminal division and youth division 2019
Éducaloi - Small Claims - You are being sued in small claims court ?
Éducaloi - Small Claims - You have a claim worth 15 000 or less ?
Programs and services
10 Questions and Answers about the RDPRM (2018)
Registry of lobbyists (2013)
Register of commissioners for oaths (2013)
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Tribute to Good Citizenship (2010)
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