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Registry of class actions

Article 1050.2 of the Québec Code of Civil Procedure requires that a central registry be kept for applications for authorization to institute a class action.

The registry of class actions allows lawyers and the general public to obtain information on all the class actions instituted in Québec since January 2009. It provides access to key proceedings, judgments, and notices to individuals involved in the class actions.

For class actions instituted prior to January 1, 2009, or instituted elsewhere in Canada since January 1, 2007, see the National Class Action Database on the website of the Canadian Bar Association.

This registry does not constitute the court ledger for class actions before the courts. Only the proceedings and documents filed in the court record are official documents.

Notice to the Members of the Bar - New Central Registry

Canadian Judicial Protocol for the Management of Multijurisdictional Class Actions

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