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Tool for the calculation of child support payments

Brochure : the Québec model for the determination of child support payments P D F file

Explanation of the tool

This calculation tool is designed to help you estimate the amount of child support that will apply in your situation. You can explore various options, for example depending on the type of custody you expect to obtain, and print out the results. To help you complete the form, you can refer to the guide The Québec model for the determination of child support payments (referred to here as the "Guide"). A link to the Guide appears at the top of each page so that you can refer to it at any stage.

Before you begin your session, make sure you have the following information available:

Please note that after 45 minutes of inactivity, your session will expire and you will lose any data you have entered.


  • None of the information used to calculate support payments will be kept after you quit the calculation tool. However, you will be able to print out the results obtained. It is important to remember that the results are simply an estimate and that the court may determine a different amount of support, in particular because the tool does not take income tax rules into account.
  • If you file a court application for the determination of support payments, please note that a printout of the results obtained using the calculation tool cannot be submitted in place of the Child Support Determination Form (p. 30 of the Guide), which must be presented with your application.
  • The calculation tool does not take income tax rules into account. As a result, it will not calculate:
    • the taxable equivalent of non-taxable income;
    • the net amount of child care expenses;
    • the net amount of post-secondary education expenses;
    • the net amount of special expenses.

    If one of these amounts is required for your calculation, you must obtain the taxable equivalent of the non-taxable income, or the net amount of the expenses, before calculating your child support payments.